Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It’s Summer Reading Time Again

Here at my local library, they start it off with a reading Carnival.  It was last Saturday and completely free and open to the public.  They have bouncy houses and slides, booths with games, temporary tattoos, face painting and cake walks.  Both of my daughters love it, mainly for the free snow cones and cotton candy.  I love it because it signals the beginning of the program.  It ends August 18th, giving me 60 more days (64 days total).  Online it allows for title and author logging as well as a review if you choose.  It already has 49 reviews.  Which makes me feel behind, as only one of them are mine.  It had reviews on the first day, which I consider cheating, Maybe they did, but I think some people post reviews for books they’ve already finished.  You see they’re are drawings for prizes and each book you log puts you in the running.  I try to make sure most of the books I read are actually even checked out from the library, I guess my personal honor system so to speak.  It’s the time of year I read the most and almost a burn out as I push myself to read the most out of everybody, though there are no statistics so it’s almost an imaginary self challenge.  But I absolutely love it.  The girls being 4 years and 3 years old aren’t able to read themselves yet but they already have 2 hours and 20 minutes.  They win small prizes after 5 hours and a book after 10.  They’re a lot more into it this year then they were last year.

Do any of you participate in a library program? 

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