Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 33 – Oh so many missed books reviewing

 So in keeping with the theme of non-daily posting, I have missed another 13 days.  The problem is it’s The Summer Reading Program, so I have faithfully read, read, read… and listened.  I have come to fall in love with audiobooks. 

I just finished “High Five” today by Janet Evanovich.  It was another typical hilarious Evanovich novel.  Another high point was at the end there is a 45 minute interview with Evanovich herself.  I enjoyed listening to how she came to write these books.  And as always made me all whimsical to live the life of a writer, as I’m sure you’ve noticed is not anywhere in my near, to far, future.  I only wish I had even more time to read and blog.  The full-time job and the kids tend to keep to busy for most things though. 

Tomorrow I start the “Hot Six” audiobook by Evanovich, and I currently don’t have another “paper” book started that I’m too deeply invested, those do sometimes occupy a lot of personal time.  But don’t get me wrong; I have two stacks of books (5 or more) in my bedroom, a whole box in my car trunk, and a box hidden somewhere in my closet, of books begging to be read.

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