Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 38 – Trolling book blogs

So I haven’t really accomplished any actual book reading the last couple of weeks.  Been spending lots of time with “domestic” real life.  I did spend some time today trolling book blogs, wishing I had a high traffic, well written blog, and was a ARC (which means advance reader copy) reviewer, and blah, bloggity, blah.  But I digress.  I did request  a lot of books on the LibraryThing giveaway pages, and though I may not be able to review bestsellers, I may get to review books by possibly one day bestseller writers. 

I’m almost done with the “Hard Eight” audio book, and sadly had to skip seven as it’s currently checked out.  I believe I already have a hard copy but most of my books are still in boxes, and I dare not make the mess of digging through those yet.  I did finish my review for “If You Go Into The Woods”, which I posted yesterday, and though it is not the best, I believe it is somewhat a writing improvement. 

Other exciting events from today, I downloaded the Kindle app for my PC, and can now hopefully make some progress in “Dirty Little Angels”, by Chris Tusa.  And so far I’m quite enjoying it.  And even more exciting I’ve learned how to get smashwords books into the Kindle app on my Blackberry. “Oh happy day!”

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