Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 4 - Just a short update

One common aspect of motherhood is having hardly any time to yourself and after playing musical beds with my 2 year old til 11 I find I'd prefer to read a few pages of "Mini Shopaholic" and head for bed, as opposed to writing about books I could be reading. "Mini Shopaholic" like the rest of the series is absolutely amusing, and I find more so because the "mini" refers to the maincharacter Becky's two year old daughter who reminds me quite easily of my own two, who I refer to as the children of the corn. Not to spoil your fun I won't detail the antics in the book so far but to give you one example, its christmas and guests have arrived to almost immediatly be spray with ketchup by the two year old. I can not recommend Kinsella's novels enough. One postive note is though it is of a series they will stand alone as "Full Blast" by Evanovich. Turns out it is number four of the series, but thats on audio tape and I'm about halfway through it so I'll tell you all about that one tomorrow.

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