Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Reading Begins

It's that time again. Summer Reading Program at the local library. I hadn't done it in a long time and never as an adult until last summer. I very much enjoyed it as a child and pre-teen. And it still, for whatever reason, excites me now as it did as a child. I believe it lasts for 2 months, so I've made my reading goal 50, which though it may sound improbable in a 2 month time period that does include audio books as well. The offical library "kick off carnival" is tomorrow. To include a bounce house, sumo wrestling, games, food and in the words of the local radio DJ, when he parodies radio contests, "big, big, prizes". I hope to do this with my two daughters every year, and hope they find the same love of reading that I have. Here in this blog you will find the chronicale of our summer reading and after all the wonderful reads we find. We'll get the girls books tomorrow. My first book is "Under the Dome" by that little known auther Stephen King. If anyone should happen upon these posts feel free to leave favorite authors or book titles, I'm always looking for a great story to escape into from the non-fiction of what is my life.

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