Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 5 - Now to Find a Book I Can Put Down

Bad thing about summer reading is the little widget to the right will hardly ever be accurate. You see our local library has prizes for reading, the more you read the more of a chance to win. Last year I won 2 totebags and a digital camera, well worth the lack of sleep. Plus they count audiobooks, so I listen to those at work, bad thing about audiobooks id if you let your mind wander you have to go back and listen again. "Full Blast" was pretty good at the end and suprised me with who ended up being the murderer. I did go ahead and get the second in the series on audiobook today though I don't rememeber the exact name I'll hopefully post it tomorrow if I can get the girls to bed at a decent hour. "Mini Shopaholic" I'd have to say is one of my favorite Kinsella novels. I definitely recommend the series if you enjoy upbeat funny stories. Not sure what other book I'll read next. But good news is I've got a whole box of unread books and looks like I'll have a box coming this Saturday as well!

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