Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Reading "Kick Off Carnival"

We arrived at the "Kick 0ff Carnival" around twelve, missing the 11:30 pm steel drums. There was lots to see and do. Each separate branch seemed to be responsible for some activity or game. Our closest branch was in charge of the face painting, where my daughters got matching suns on their cheeks. There was a ring toss and a lollipop tree. Both had prizes for winning and everyone was a winner. Having never seen a lollipop tree it was a cute idea. Not only did you get to keep the lollipop but the ends were colored to show which prize box you could chose from. When you got too hot there were sno cones readily available as well as lemonade. And if sno cones weren't your preference there was cotton candy and popcorn. And if all that wasn't enough there were three inflatables: a bounce house, a slide, and what I choose to call the racing obstacle as it was like an obstacle course but made for two to race through.

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