Sunday, May 13, 2012

“Demon Rumm” by Sandra Brown

If you didn’t already know, one thing I do a lot of these days is listen to audio books.  At work it allows me, on some days, to finish or get halfway through a book while I’m at work.  And since we’re not really aloud to talk it helps to have some background noise. Last summer that’s how I got through most of the Evanovich series knowing which book I was looking for; as of late I’ve taken the more scientific approach of Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo.  That is how I found Sandra Brown.  I mentioned on Friday I had just finished “Rainwater” which I LOVED and so I went on the shelf search for more (let me just say I’m at the library more often then the gas pump); picking "Demon Rumm".  It was the third Brown novel I’d “read” (as they’ve all been audio books), and by far the most “harlequin romance type” yet.  I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.  The description on Amazon says,

From the Inside Flap
When Rylan North flashes Kirsten Rumm his heart-stopping smile, she knows she can't refuse him...even if letting the actor share her home for a week will force her to relive the last terrible days before her stunt pilot husband fell prey to his own daring acts. Rylan is the perfect choice to play "Demon" Rumm in the movie about his life: no one is more brash, bold, or demanding. But before Rylan immerses himself in Kirsten's world, he must exorcise the explosive secrets that haunt her dreams...and gamble she'll find the courage in his arms to risk loving again... --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.
There seems to be more internal dialog from Rylan on his need to “get in her pants” then really digging for any secrets.  If Brown had put more “substance” into the story line and less “harlequin” I would have liked it much better; and the explosive secrets, though worked alright in the context of what they were, for the one, I wish she had gone a different route.
I did enjoy this book and look forward to her others (she is the author of sixty…wait for it…New York Times bestsellers).  Though I’m still thoroughly impressed with “Rainwater”; it was able to make me want to cry during the sad parts and smile in the happy ones. I think that is what I most judge a book by; when I’m finished and I want to know more- a sequel, something, anything, or if the authors written other books. [Note to Self: Create personal rating system.]  I may not put it at the top of the list but I also wouldn’t count it out either.

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