Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

That sounds like it should be a weekly meme.  I had high expectations of posting everyday.  I understand now the use of meme's.  It's humanly impossible to post a good or at least slightly entertaining blog post every day, read (otherwise you have nothing to post on a book blog, as it turns out), update Goodreads and LibraryThing, work a full time job and do all the other necessary domestic (my weekend to-do list includes self replacement of car parts and lawn mower belts; and escaping into the world of books- as if real life wasn't crazy enough).  The one exciting thing for me, as I assume it was for many other book bloggers, is I got my first NetGalley book today.  One of the few publishers who did not refuse me due to my reach.  I've made it to page 20 of "The Black Isle" by Sandi Tan and am already in love with the way she writes.  I can't imagine it'll be anything less then fantastic.  I've also purchased at least 11 books while out and about at the thrift store.  It'll take forever to ever read what I have along with new member giveaways and galley's I figure worse come to worse I'll save them for when I retire and can spend every waking hour reading and doing nothing else, except maybe blogging about said books.  By that time they'll be classics.

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