Monday, May 28, 2012

“The Matchmaking Cat” by David L. Dawson

The Matchmaking Cat
Author:  Suzie Dawson pseudonym of David L. Dawson
Publisher: Smashwords Edition
Published: 2012
Format: ebook
Source: LibraryThing Giveaway

Jess Cardle has been left at the alter, and is still hurting three years later.  Her cat, Marlon decides it time for her to find a new mate, and has a few creative ideas on how to make that happen.

What I liked about this book was Marlon’s hijinks.  A cat lover myself I love the thought of a cat being an intuitive, thought processing being.  There were a few times I chuckled, I enjoyed Dawson’s since of humor.  It was an enjoyable story.

Sadly with this one there was a lot I didn’t like.  At approximately 10,000 words I do not expect an author to having spelling or grammar mistakes but there was at least on when the author said “go four round four”, when he meant “go for round four”.  I thought for this short story there was too much, as it would work better as a summarization of a longer novel then a novella.  Jess also reveals her story to a co-worker and afterwards comments she should have so years ago.  If it were a commonly kept secret, I might understand, but I have a hard time believing it possible a woman becomes engaged to a man she’s been dating for ten plus years, and her co-worker had no idea she was in a relationship.  This being a novella I would have preferred it to focus more on the Marlon, the matchmaking cat, and less on Jess’s life story.  I think all the details would be perfect in a full length novel. 

Upon researching more about the author I found “The Fall”, by David L. Dawson, which is a full length novel whose first chapter is available on Goodreads.  Dawson appears to me to be a writer with great ideas and tons of ambition.  I did undoubtedly enjoy “The Matchmaking Cat”, I just wish it had been more focused.

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